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Mobile Business Address in the USA.

Do you need an address in the USA for business?  Are you relocating to or from the USA?  Do you travel all over the world?  Do you sell products and services to many different countries?

Total Office Services offers you a business address in the USA that is entirely MOBILE.  You can read and manage your mail and packages from anywhere on your phone or mobile device.  Use your address in the USA to receive mail and packages.  You will be notified when this happens.  You will see a picture of your envelope or package on your phone.  You can direct us to forward it to you or open and scan it (so you can read your mail on your phone).  You can also direct us to hold it for you or shred your unwanted mail. 

You are in control.  You tell us how you want us to handle your mail and packages.  It is all done securely through our online platform.  Our staff is here to help you when you need assistance.  This is a great way for people who move frequently to have an address that follows them.  You won’t miss your mail or packages because you changed your address.  And there is no contract.  Total Office Services makes this very easy!

Sign up online and get your address the same day – in many cases.  There is a US Postal Form and two IDs that are required for setup.  Total Office Services can help you with the application process. 

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Tel: +1-704-948-8120


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Total Office Services • Charlotte • USA   Tel: +1-704-948-8120.

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Relocation Concierge Service

If you're moving or work remotely, you need this service!

Anyone who has ever experienced moving can tell you that it is a huge hassle.  One of the best ways to ease the transition is to establish an address before you relocate.  This will allow you to establish a point of contact.  It also makes the transition so much easier before, during and after relocating.  Total Office Services can setup a forwarding address and mailbox that you can begin using on the same day.  And we can do it remotely – no need to be in our store.


You can use this address to get a jump start on establishing residency.  For example, one of our customers planned to move to the Charlotte area but wanted to find employment first.  Her application and resume was often overlooked because employers assumed she wasn’t seriously intending to move or that she had somehow applied in error.  By using mailbox services from Total Office Services, she was able to use her new local address on her resume and successfully gain employment.  During and after the move, she continued to use her mailbox to receive mail and packages rather than trying to track down mail in multiple locations. 


Other ways to use a mailbox at Total Office Services to simplify the process of relocating includes using your new address with landlords, mortgage companies, utility and service companies.  Access is available 24 hours.


TOS staff members are always available to sign for mail and packages and all items are secured indoors to protect from theft and weather.  There is no need to give out your home address to strangers with private, secure mailbox service from Total Office Services. 

Moving to North Carolina?  Get an address here.

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Moving is more convenient with Total Office Services.  Call 704-948-8120 to get started.

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