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Mobile Virtual Address & Relocation Concierge

We have customers all over the USA for who we receive mail and packages. They read their mail on their phone or computer - remotely.  And they direct us to forward their packages to any address they choose.  It a street address that is mobile.  This means you can access it from anywhere!

At Total Office Services we offer a simple, MOBILE business address solution.   Our Virtual Address service lets you manage and even read your mail on your mobile device or computer. It is inexpensive and there is no commitment. We have done for physical mail and packages what online banking has done for check writing and deposit slips. Here are the benefits:

  • You will have an “anchor” address that follows you wherever go;
  • You can read your physical mail on your phone from anywhere;
  • You can manage all of your mail and packages entirely from your phone, tablet or computer;
  • You can direct us to forward your mail or package to any address you provide;
  • You are able to pick up mail or packages as well from our Charlotte-area location;
  • After reading a piece of mail remotely, you can elect to have us securely shred it;
  • You have access via phone or email for assistance by our expert staff;
  • Sign up is done online and is totally secure;
  • All of this is tasked through a secure online portal by phone, tablet or computer;
  • And so much more. 

Reasons to Rent a Mailbox at Total Office Services.

At Total Office Services, our mailbox rental services are what your small business needs. We provide a real commercial, street address, not a P.O. box. Mailbox rental service gives home offices privacy and allows you to retain the same mail address as your business grows. Your packages are signed for upon delivery and you will receive notification to let you know when they arrive*. No need to worry about missing deliveries.

Mailbox rental service at Total Office Services:

  • gets you a local presence if your business covers a large area;
  • makes it easy to receive supplies;
  • securely and discreetly receives your mail and packages;
  • you call in to check your mail and save a trip;
  • online status via free mobile app, and social media notification;
  • will hold and forward your mail and packages;
  • saves you on inbound shipping costs because it costs less to ship to our commercial address than to your home.

Moving, renting or travelling?

Establish a local address that you will not have to change when your home address changes.  Mailbox rental service is great for those who travel. No need to hold mail when you are away.  Packages will be signed and held for you until you want to pick them up or have them forwarded. Plus you now have an address to send all your extra purchases so you can travel light.  If you ever need something from your mailbox, Total Office Services can get it to you fast – even the next day!.

Virtual Mailbox

We notify you when mail arrives.  Our online portal communicates with you so you know when you have mail.  You will be able to see pictures of your mail or packages with your address so that you can see who the sender is.  You can request that your mail or package be forwarded to you directly.  Or you can request us to open and scan your mail and send it to you digitally.    

THINK ABOUT IT  . . . wouldn’t this be great if you are relocating?  What about if you want to do business but you’re out of state?  Also, for security and identity reasons, this is much better than using your home address online.  We even have international customers  that use our services.

*Where applicable.


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Mobile Address/Mailbox Services:

  • Scan the envelope so you can see who sent it
  • Open and scan the contents so you can read remotely
  • Forward the mail and packages you need to keep
  • Shred the mail you don’t need or want
  • Deposit checks you receive in the mail
  • Set up a local phone number & voice mail
  • And much more!


All of this can be done via your PC, smart phone, laptop or tablet—any device with an Internet connection. Whether you live in Rome, Italy or Rome, Texas, you can now have a Mobile Virtual Address & Mailbox at Total Office Services. We’ll make managing your mail and packages very easy.

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