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New!  Local Honey & Nut Butters
Jams, Relish & Salsa - all made
here in North Carolina

What a great gift idea! 

This locally sourced honey has a great, "intense" honey taste.  These NC bees don't mess around.  They know what they're doing.  North Carolina bees were winning one for the Gipper before the game was even over!  This hive is rockin' so don't bother knockin' - just come on in (thanks Stevie Ray). Local honey is known for allergy relief.  This honey makes a great gift.  And it lasts a super long time on your shelf.

Great gourmet nut butters too.  Locally made and fresh peanut butters - creamy and crunchy.  How about fresh CHOCOLATE peanut butter?  We have fresh almond and cashew butters too.  Total Office Services also stocks NC premium jams, marmalade, apple butter, salsas and relishes.  Come in and grab a taste of North Carolina.