Going A-way


"A-way" is the While You're Away Mail & Pkg. Solution
from Total Office Services. 

"A-way" to read and manage your mail when you're away.

Total Office Services offers traditional private mailbox rentals, but we are also one of the only businesses in Huntersville, NC that also offers the 21st century version—Digital/Virtual Mailboxes and "A-way".

If you are going away for an extended period of time, Total Office Services (TOS) offers "A-way".  With "A-way" you can manage your mail and packages on your phone, tablet or computer while you're away from your home or office.

Here’s how it works:

  • Go to our website and complete the Away form (payment and verification by phone);
  • Depending on your preferences, TOS will pick-up your mail/pkgs. as pre-arranged:  ask TOS for details on how we can arrange pick-up and/or delivery of your mail to TOS;
  • TOS will take pictures of your mail/pkgs. and email them to you;
  • You can choose no further action as we will hold it for you until you return (storage charges may apply);
  • Or you can choose to have TOS:  1) scan to PDF and email it so you can read it;  2) direct TOS to forward the mail/pkg. to you to an address you supply;  3)  Shred the mail piece (shred charges may apply);  4)  Discard (no charge);
  • TOS is available to handle more tasks upon request (extra charges may apply);
  • See pricing below;
  • Upon your return, you can pick up your mail & pkgs. and your Away service is finished.  

No need to: 

A-way is offered in select areas.
Contact Total Office Services for details.

TOS tel:  +1-704-948-8120.  Email:  info@totalofficenc.com